The creation of Portraiture

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The creation of  portraiture 

Welcome to my blog. The idea behind creating this blog originates in the believe that sharing is an exciting way of learning. I want to improve my portrait drawing and painting skills and thought you could be part of this process by giving your opinion as we go along. I will try to make it fun and interesting and hope I will see you there!

Spring has finally arrived and it is giving me all the inspiration needed for new paintings and new ideas. When we think of Spring the usual things that come to mind are flowers, blossoms, green, yellow, trees, warm weather and so on.  Spring also brings people together and we see more of them out and about. People are and always will be an interesting art subject and an inspiration for the art world.

For that reason I decided to practice portrait drawing and painting. The idea is to learn from, and to become inspired by, people and friends that visit my studio, that appreciate visual art and would like to be part of it. 


It is believed that an artist should pay attention to and understand the underlying structure of a face, as it is the bones and muscles that give shape to facial expressions, the person likeness and tone As a health professional you would  think that I can easily pass this stage, as yes we do study anatomy but not in the same way an artist does and look at it.  Take Leonardo da Vinci for instance, his portrait drawings were a result of his own observation of dissection. 

So as you can guess now, I have practiced skeleton sketching and drawing and have become quite fond of this happy fellow below, but the most important thing is, when I produce a sketch that is what I first see, and believe me, it has enlighten me as to how I create a portraiture drawing. 

The Portraiture of an adult skeleton head

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